Our Leadership
Appelton Miller Capital bases its investment expertise on three fundamentals :
Whether it involves consulting missions or financial transactions :

      Appelton Miller Capital's experts are in charge of establishing missions, carrying them out, and coordinating with operational experts and our networks.

      For each mission, we call upon an operational expert specialised in the sector in question. These operational experts, external to the Appelton Miller Capital group and unanimously recognised in their business sectors, have the task of contributing their knowledge and experience. The objective is two-fold: obtaining an outside look at our missions and ensuring the consistency of solutions and strategies for our clients.

      Thirty years of experience and diversified, complex missions have allowed Appelton Miller Capital to round out its services, building on various skills sets.

In this context, Appelton Miller Capital does not seek to communicate about itself. Instead it focuses all of its attention on its clients. For more than 30 years, we have prided ourselves on guaranteeing our clients the most complete confidentiality and total anonymity about the nature and content of the operations that we conduct with them.