Appelton Miller Capital's Mergers & Acquisitions department was created to provide its clients with diversified, adapted advice with high added value, with the objective of being able to support them overall in complex strategic decisions requiring the implementation of multiple areas of expertise.

For three decades, Appelton Miller Capital has been working with its clients in commercial, technical, or financial investment operations. These Mergers & Acquisitions operations can also be integrated into both offensive and defensive strategies through "buy" or "sell" mandates. These Mergers & Acquisitions operations generally call for monitoring in the medium and long term, in which Appelton Miller Capital has a strong capacity to be involved.

Appelton Miller Capital intends to provide its clients with the following in Mergers & Acquisitions:
      Advice and differentiated services essential for the success of this type of operation
      The added value that will allow them to verify that the decisions made as part of these complex transactions match the strategic interests of their company

On the Mergers & Acquisitions market, Appelton Miller Capital specialises on the "small & mid cap" segment and offers to support its clients beyond the transaction itself, particularly by remaining at their side for the time of the integration.

In this context, Appelton Miller Capital offers to become involved in :
      The streamlining of organisations and the enhancement of human capacities
      The identification of synergies and the creation of sustainable values
      The proposal of unique solutions, specifically developed and dedicated to each of its clients