Since 1996, Appelton Miller Capital''s Private Equity department has invested with its clients a portion of its own funds in companies that it also manages.

Appelton Miller Capital offers private investors the opportunity to invest capital directly into these companies without needing to invest through any investment fund.

During each investment operation, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest alongside us, leaving operational performance to us. In nearly all of these investment capital operations, we are the majority stakeholder, which means that we assume the same risks as our clients.

Appelton Miller Capital operates exclusively on the "small & mid cap" market. As part of these Investment Capital operations, Appelton Miller Capital's involvement depends on the degree of maturity of the target through both LBO operations and venture capital or development capital operations.

Appelton Miller Capital invests primarily in the following sectors: :
      Trading (excluding Commodities)
      Industry with high added value
      Business services

Under French tax regulations, 50% of the amounts invested in small and medium entreprises can be deducted from wealth tax ("ISF") subjected to a maximum of €45,000 per tax household.