Our Values

Regarding financial expertise (M&A or Private Equity), we guarantee transparency and complete confidentiality to each of our clients. The ethics that have guided each of our assignments for nearly 33 years have contributed to building the reputation and trust that our clients place in us.

As for consulting, we remain committed to the need to allow our clients to form beliefs and not certainties. In addition, we believe that since the end of the 20th century, we have become good users of tools but bad users of knowledge. Also, with regard to management, we strive to convince our clients that knowledge, not tools, is what we fundamentally need.

Appelton Miller Capital feels that the Company can ensure and improve its economic performance while respecting the people and the planet, i.e. by taking into account the interest of all people affected by its activities as well as the environmental needs.

But the responsible approach is not necessarily spontaneous. Pressure from NGOs or public opinion has led companies to engage in good practices. This is also part of the image. Engaging in the fight against discrimination, for example, is not necessarily very difficult and is not very expensive. However, authentic commitment must also be differentiated from gimmicky good practices, a factor of good conscience.

While the notions of best practices and responsible economy are all relative, experience shows that it is always possible to create wealth while respecting these values. This is why Appelton Miller Capital feels able to participate in the implementation of the creative side of companies in the direction of progress in social and environmental responsibility and thus participate in this progress approach.

Lastly, for nearly a decade, we have strived to promote the United Nations Global Compact both in our consulting activities and in the management of our industrial interests.